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The Vegucator


Dawn Hilton-Williams, fondly dubbed “The Vegucator,” champions the cause of 100% whole food, plant-based (WFPB) living and health equity as Founder of Herban Eats, LLC and Co-Founding Executive Director of Power is Giving, Inc..   

A whole food, plant-based certified nutrition professional, Dawn is also a freelance wellness equity columnist with decades of culinary expertise and author a clinically endorsed cookbook & guide, "Flava My Plate," which seamlessly blends affordable, nutritious vegan recipes with strategies to combat lifestyle-driven chronic diseases.


From inspired multimedia features to captivating and skillful, healthy vegan culinary demos and keynote presentations, Dawn's work has earned accolades from pioneers like Dr. Milton Mills and Miyoko Schinner, as well as significant funding from Beyoncé's BeyGood Foundation.


From major companies, municipalities and hospitals to community farmers markets and B2B consultation, Dawn demonstrates the flavors and facts of WFPB cooking and nutrition with emphasis on BIPOC community wellness and equity activism.

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From speaking and presentations to personal chef experiences, vegan cooking demos, coaching and corporate and B2B consulting, Herban-Eats provides evidence-driven WFPB product and service solutions brand that focuses on the mitigation of chronic disease through restorative lifestyle re-education. Click below to learn more!  

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