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Like many families, my early childhood memories were marred by premature deaths brought about by our top chronic diseases and like other families, I mourned the losses, normalized them and moved on. However, it was my husband Anthony's health scare that changed my life, business and family for good.

The fear of losing Anthony reminded me of all those I loved and lost but this time, I was no longer willing to lean into the idea of normalcy. In a matter of days, I moved my family from what I thought was a healthy spin on the Standard American Diet to a 100% whole-food, plant-based (WFPB) vegan one. Within that same time, I also scoured the internet for books, lectures and courses that would help me to help him defeat whatever the scare wished to present.


Cornell University offered an online WFPB certification program with rolling admissions and within the first 30 days, I  was fortifying my why with indisputable, peer-reviewed evidence-based data, that, on its' face, appeared revolutionary, but in reality, was just science I never knew. 

From coursework and deep-dives into study, to the test kitchen, parenting and running a business while quietly being consumed with worry about Anthony, the time had now come to address the kind of entrepreneur I now wanted to be with this newfound information. Far from a brilliant fiscal move, only one phrase resonated higher than all the advice I received from my business mentors and friends and that phrase was simple; know better, do better. I couldn't in good conscious feed or otherwise promote to clients health-degrading foods that I was unwilling to feed my own family so within the first 30 days Herban Eats moved from eco-friendly and organic, to 100% WFPB, vegan, which, in turn, resulted in the loss of over  away more than 90% of my clients the first 60 days. 

The loss of business had presented as as an opportunity to reimagine, rethink and vegucate myself academically as well as in the kitchen.  In what seemed to be the blink of an eye, I received my  WFPB certification from Cornell, attended multiple plant-based conferences, retooled my business and personal brand, began networking with like-minded clinicians, health care professionals, advocates and activists and authored a vegan cookbook!

Now more successful than ever, Herban-Eats takes great pride in meeting the needs of clients through the provision of products and services that not only satiate their palate but also help to move them from health-poverty to health-wealth everyday!



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