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In 2006, Herban Eats got its' business start in Charlotte, NC as Breakfast in Bed Catering, a boutique eco-friendly, organic catering company.  As we evolved as a business and brand, we changed the business name to Herban Eats in 2010 and changed the product and services focus to  100% whole food, plant-based (WFPB) vegan for health, the environment and animal welfare. 

On a mission to radicalize wellness for good in communities hardest hit by death and disability from our top lifestyle-driven chronic diseases, Herban Eats focuses on the restoration of health through WFPB service solutions. 

Dawn Hilton-Williams, AKA the Vegucator, is a passionate author, columnist, and wellness equity activist who champions the power of plant-based nutrition through her work as a certified whole-food, plant-based nutrition professional, culinary, educator and founder of Herban Eats, LLC.

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