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About Herban-Eats

Radicalizing Wellness One Community at a Time

In 2006, Herban Eats got its' business start in Charlotte, NC as Breakfast in Bed Catering, a boutique eco-friendly, organic catering company.  Changing the company location in 2010 and the name of the business and brand to Herban Eats, we made another significant change in 2017 to 100% plant-based vegan for community health, environmental and humane reasons. 

On a mission to radicalize wellness, with vegucation and flava, Herban Eats is a 100% plant-based product and service solutions brand on a mission to radicalize wellness for good.

Primarily targeting disproportionately-impacted communities through 100% plant-based services, products, education, and advocacy, Herban Eats also develops corporate and community alliances that help us to better provide  evidence-based tools, tips and resources that lead to significant reductions in healthcare costs, systemic food access inequities, and death and disability rates for our top chronic diseases.

Boasting a wide range of product and service solutions such as:  plant-based coaching, plant-based vegan business consultative development services, cooking demos, keynote presentations, lectures and our EDD  Talks & Summit partner programs, our everyday mission is to radicalize wellness with vegucation and flava! 

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