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About Herban-Eats

Radicalizing Wellness One Community at a Time

In 2006, Herban Eats got its' business start in Charlotte, NC as Breakfast in Bed Catering, a boutique eco-friendly, organic catering company.  Changing the company location in 2010 to Upstate SC and the name of the business and brand to Herban Eats, we made another significant change in 2017 for health, environmental and humane reasons. 

On a mission to radicalize wellness, with vegucation and flava, Herban Eats is a 100% plant-based vegan product and service solutions brand primarily focused on changing the lives of those disproportionately-impacted by chronic disease through plant-based education and advocacy.


We also work closely with corporate and community leadership to offer evidence-based resources that lead to significant reductions in healthcare costs, systemic food access inequities, and death and disability rates for our top chronic diseases.

Boasting a wide range of product and service solutions such as:  plant-based coaching, start up and rebrand consulting, cooking demos, presentations, lectures and our EDD  Talks & Summit events. our everyday mission is to radicalize wellness with vegucation and flava! 

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