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No matter how you look at it, every one of us is impacted by chronic diseases.  From the trillions spent a year on trying to manage and the loss or injury to families to the caustic effects of an ever warming planet, examining the facts and taking responsibility is the first of many important steps to change. 



In the U.S. alone, more than 3.5 trillion dollars a year (over 20% of gross domestic product) is spent on healthcare costs born from our top preventable, treatable and in many cases, reversible chronic diseases.


Moving to a plant-based or health-wealthy vegan lifestyle could easily save more than a trillion dollars a year,  while also reducing negative climate impacts brought about by animal agriculture, deforestation and emissions. A plant-based or health-wealthy vegan lifestyle would also save an additional 38 billion dollars a year that is currently being spent on animal agriculture through federal subsidies.  

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