With a focus on providing resources that harness the power to significantly improve your health-wealth, all of our services are geared toward creating a better internal and external environment that we can all share with as little harm as possible.


It's often said that one person can't make a difference but at Herban-Eats, we believe that one person is the pivotal domino that is always necessary in bringing about enduring change. We hope that we can help you be that domino for yourself, your family and your community, which in turn, change the World.


From coaching and vegucation series courses, immune-boost vegan meal preps, demos, catering, cooking lessons and more, take a peak at a few of our always expanding service offerings. 



Tools to Radicalize Your Wellness!

With more than 6,000 peer-reviewed studies and north of 3 trillion dollars spent on U.S. healthcare, we are more informed than ever before about the harmful effects of the Standard American (Western) diet.

From the tragic loss of family and friends to our top preventable, treatable and often reversible chronic diseases to the economy and climate change, millions are ready to turn the page to the only chapter proven to promote optimal health and well-being; "whole-food, plant-based (healthy vegan) lifestyle. " 

Our subject matter experts are ready to provide a 2-3 day in-home vegan immersion that will radicalize your wellness for good.