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Herban Eats is mission-driven regarding health-wealth and that mission includes our youth.  Through the generous support of our corporate and community partners, we offer a myriad of free programs that aid in the reduction of our top chronic diseases for disproportionately impacted adults and their families. 


FLAVA MY PLATE: vegan COOKING family series

Our covid-safe, vegan culinary boot camps are scheduled year-around and are funded by our generous corporate and community partners.  Classes are headed up by professional vegan chefs and culinarians and are free to qualifying participants.  Due to the coronavirus and with the exception of our virtual options, we have significantly reduced our onsite group participation sizes.  Operating from our DHEC approved, covid-safety regulated commercial kitchens, we ensure that all state health and covid safety standards are applied. CLICK HERE

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FLAVA FIT BOOT CAMP: family series

Exercises and workouts are administered by former NCAA division 1 athletes and/or certified yoga and fitness professionals. All classes are free to participants and include a packaged healthy vegan meal. Due to Covid 19, we have modified these activities to ensure covid 19 compliance and safety standards are met. CLICK HERE

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