As a collaborative partner of Power is Giving, Inc., we offer a variety of free, reduced rate and/or sponsored services to qualifying groups/organizations.  

From vegucation 101 classes, presentations and cooking demos to plant-based clinical and culinary vegucation summits and related events, here are a few of our current service offerings. 



A Collaborative Plant Based Interventional Wellness Program

Losing a staggering 1.7 million loved ones a year, while at the same time managing a 3.8 trillion dollar annual healthcare spend (pre-covid), should be as newsworthy a pandemic as Covid 19 but unfortunately it is not.


Representing roughly 13% of the American population, African-Americans are significantly more overweight, obese, hypertensive, type 2 diabetic and more likely to die of heart disease and most cancers than any other ethnic group in the nation.  African-Americans are also more likely than any other ethnic group to reside in food desert communities than any other ethnic or racial group in the nation.


Reintroducing properly prepared, familiar, affordable, healthy plant-based vegan foods while simultaneously addressing chronic disease rate disproportionality in food apartheid communities, our Community Roots program hosts our 4-part in-person and/or virtual series in food desert/food apartheid communities.

From our Whole-Food, Plant-Based vegan education (vegucation) administered by Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) nutrition professionals and board-certified clinicians, to cooking demos and tastings conducted by BIPOC vegan chefs, we focus on aiding in the reduction of risk factors for our top chronic diseases. 

Through our work with Power is Giving ( ) and other like-minded North and South Carolina community allies, we work directly with residents and community leadership to attack the problem head on with our Community Roots program. For details and/or help in your community-contact us!