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As a collaborative partner of 501c3-based organization, Power is Giving, Inc., programs are widely available to qualifying groups and community organizations.   

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A Collaborative Plant Based Interventional Wellness Program

Losing a staggering 1.7 million loved ones a year to preventable, treatable and in most instances, reversible chronic diseases,  while simultaneously spending 3.8 trillion dollars (pre-covid) annually on US healthcare should be unsettling and newsworthy, but unfortunately it is not. 

Representing roughly 13% of the American population, African-Americans are significantly more overweight, obese, hypertensive, type 2 diabetic and more likely to die of heart disease and most cancers than any other ethnic group in the nation.

African-Americans are also more likely than any other ethnic group to reside in food desert/apartheid communities than any other ethnic or racial group. 


In collaborative partnership with 501c3-based organization, Power is Giving ( ) we are are reintroducing our 3 week evidence-based food and nutrition within BIPOC and/or food apartheid communities. For details, follow the link below! 

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