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Dawn Hilton-Williams

Founder & Vegucator-In-Chief of Herban Eats, LLC, Dawn AKA The Vegucator is Author of Flava My Plate, Your Tasty Vegan Guide to Health-Wealth, a vegan chef,  a community food justice advocate and a whole-food-plant-based (WFPB) certified food lifestyle professional. 

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My Plant-Based Story...

Growing up, like most of you, I experienced a lot of loss and like many of you, I thought that it was normal. Before I knew what a heart attack even was, it had become a loved -one reaping menace not once, not twice but 3 times before my 10th birthday.  Words like sugar and diabetes and hypertension were as common as turn the channel (of course back then there were no remote controls-laugh line). First went this fine veteran-gentleman-my Grandpa Caesar Hart (picture slide) he was a veteran and a retired owner of a small janitorial company in Yonkers, New York. Next was this sweet lady-my Grandma Carrie (picture slide) moving from Virginia with her three sisters, she kept kids, was a proud missionary Baptist church usher and ironed clothes for families in Mount Vernon, New York. The third was the most sassy, classy and stylish woman I’d ever known to this day-My Grandma Hazel who worked as an AME Zion church secretary and a super-social fashionista! 

I remember every moment of our times together and wondered why I had the great misfortune of having so little of them compared to so many of my friends-then I remembered the words, “Heart attack, diabetes, hypertension”

I couldn’t spell the words let alone fathom looking them up – I just knew that every time one of them were taken from me, those words were associated with it… What was this Heart attack, what did it mean and why was it so powerful and invasive in my world?


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