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Dawn Hilton-Williams

The Vegucator 

Founder & Vegucator-In-Chief of Herban Eats, LLC, Dawn AKA The Vegucator is Author of Flava My Plate, Your Tasty Vegan Guide to Health-Wealth, a vegan chef,  a community food justice advocate and a whole-food-plant-based (WFPB) certified food lifestyle professional. It's often said that one person can't make a difference but at Herban-Eats, we believe that one person is the pivotal domino that is always necessary in bringing about enduring change. We hope that we can help you be that domino for yourself, your family and your community, which in turn, change the World.

My Plant-Based Vegan Story...


Growing up, like most of you, I experienced a great deal of premature loss and like you, I normalized it. References to sugar, stroke, diabetes and hypertension seemed as common as turn the channel or hand me the telephone. Before I knew what a heart attack was, it took the life of three beloved grandparents before my 14th birthday.  First was my Grandpa Caesar Hart; he was a veteran and a retired owner of a small janitorial company in Yonkers, New York. Next was my Grandma Carrie, who moved from Dilwyn, Va. with her three sisters-she kept kids, was a proud missionary Baptist church usher and ironed clothes for families in Mount Vernon, New York. The third was my Grandma Hazel who worked as an AME Zion church secretary and was a stylish, outgoing, classy ball of fire! 

With each loss, I wondered why I had the great misfortune of having so little time with them, then I remembered the words, Heart attack, diabetes, hypertension. I wasn't clear on what the differences were between them but anytime I heard the words,  I knew that loss, sadness and grief were sure to follow. 

My Plant-Based Vegan Story...




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