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Where Vegan Health-Wealth Meets Flava w/fact-based vegucation!

The Time is Now...

Responsible for the loss of approximately 2 million Americans a year and 3.8 trillion dollars a year (representing the direct and indirect annual US healthcare costs toward our top preventable, treatable and reversible  chronic diseases) the time is now to forward solutions that aid in the mitigation of our top chronic diseases.  

Having garnered her the moniker "The Vegucator, Dawn Hilton-Williams is a sought-after speaker, plant-based event curator, chef, cookbook author, food justice advocate and certified plant-based nutrition professional, on a mission to radicalize wellness through corporate and community-based presentations and advocacy. 

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A long time culinarian, Dawn is a certified whole-food, plant-based health-wealth coach and vegucator whose focus is on radicalizing wellness with evidence-based facts and loads of plant-based, vegan of flava!

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