Where Vegan Health-Wealth Meets Flava w/fact-based vegucation!

The Time is Now...

Desperately looking to put a dent in the pandemic that's responsible for the tragic loss of almost 2 million needless American lives a year at a cost of 3.5 trillion dollars, the time is now to speak loudly and  with facts and solutions that saves money and lives...


From small groups to luncheons, festivals and workshops, advocacy for community vegucation and the value of exploring the option of a health plant-based vegan lifestyle is where Dawn best shares her passion for radicalizing wellness.  A successful entrepeneur, culinarian, author and advocate, Dawn's passion and expertise in the field of food preparation and nutrition has garnered her the moniker "The Vegucator." 



A long time culinarian, Dawn is a certified whole-food, plant-based health-wealth coach and vegucator whose focus is on radicalizing wellness with evidence-based facts and loads of plant-based, vegan of flava!