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As a Food Justice Advocate & Entrepreneur, eating healthy wasn't new but the idea of moving to a whole-food, plant-based vegan was a step I didn't deem necessary.
Like many of you, I'd seen documentaries and interesting videos that referenced the benefits of veganism for the environment, animal welfare and the health of people but with conflicting information and a steady stream of far better marketed, organic, grass-fed, cage-free, non-gmo products on the market, I just didn't give it the attention it warranted or deserved. 
Then came the day my husband, Anthony, told me about his health scare.  He told me one evening that he'd been seeing blood in his stool for about a month. In an instant,  my heart, my breathing and mind all simultaneously seemed to stop. I heard him but couldn't believe that he was saying it to me. As careful as I'd been about food purchases and preparation,  "how could this be happening to us," I thought.
Without a single word, the very next moment took me to the kitchen, where I dragged the trash can to the fridge doors and angrily threw away every bit of meat, seafood and dairy in the house.  While I was dumping the products, all I could think about was the Forks Over Knives documentary and how lightly I had taken its' message and data. I think I stayed up all night reading about colorectal cancer and cases of reversals that didn't involve chemotherapy solutions. To Anthony I appeared calm and rational but inside, I felt the weight of guilt for having so carelessly fed my family and my clients food that promoted chronic disease.  
While Anthony was setting up his colonoscopy appointment, I re-hauled the kitchen pantry from seemingly healthy to 100% plant-based. Next, I registered for the ECornell's Whole Food Plant-Based Certification program; something I'd been putting off for a little less than a year. 
In an instant, our lives changed and my response to it was radical because I knew there was a direct correlation between his health and what we were eating and I wasn't going to wait for a doctor to affirm or deny this truth. 
Thankfully, there was no cancer but that scare saved our lives while also forcing me to be more responsible entrepreneur, service provider and wellness advocate.