With a focus on providing resources that harness the power to significantly improve your health-wealth, all our products and services are geared toward creating a better internal and external environment that we can all share with as little harm as possible.

It's often said that one person can't make a difference but at Herban-Eats, we believe that one person is the pivotal domino that is always necessary in bringing about enduring change. We hope that we can help you be that domino for yourself, your family and your community, which in turn will change the World in all the ways that matter most.

From our exclusive apparel and specialty products to our live demos, vegucation 101's, cooking classes and catering, take a peak at a few of our always expanding offerings. 



Weekly Health-Wealthy Vegan Meal Prep Solutions 

When one thinks of making the transition to a plant-based, healthy vegan lifestyle, it often seems a complicated journey that involves the addition of another task to your unending to-do list.


The reality is that preparing delectable, well-balanced vegan meals takes some time and effort and if you're transitioning to the lifestyle or are a busy professional, you may not have the time to get this done. So, every week, we create 10 weekly meal prep menu with 10 vegan meals that offer the perfect combination of flava and nutrient-density just for you. See menus and descriptions, pricing, pick up and delivery areas by following the link below or by heading to the shop page