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Click on each image below for the benefits associated with the power-packed plant-based food groups and their impact on lifestyle and your family!


  1. CANCER: 35 to 70% of all cancers can be attributed to poor diet. 

  2. HEART DISEASE: 90% of heart disease has been found to be preventable by reducing risk factors; a large part of which is diet. 

  3. MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS: Total contact hours for medical students is only 20 hours for their 4 year matriculation. Of those 20 hours, the focus is solely centered around the bio-chemical aspects of nutrition i.e., Krebbs cycle (Citric Acid Cycle); the process of how protein gets metabolized. 

  4. GENES: Genes do not, on their own, determine disease; they are either activated or expressed. 

  5. CHOLESTEROL: Cholesterol is ONLY found in animal-based foods. 

  6. FIBER: Dietary fiber is ONLY found in plant-based foods. 

  7. CANCER/NUTRITION: Nutrition can be used to control the expression of cancer development. 

  8. DIABETES: 1 in 12 Americans needlessly suffer from diabetes with 3,000 new cases a day. 

  9. SUPPLEMENTS: The idea of taking a single nutrient and putting it in a pill in order to achieve what a whole grouped nutrient would achieve is impossible. 

  10. HEALTH: A Whole Food Plant-Based Diet best supports human health.