Hibiscus Punch Trio (48 oz. total)

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Exclusive HE Hibiscus Lavender Punch Duo Set

All bottles are made from non-plastic (made from plants) eco-gecko is our bottle vendor

With a blend of proprietery ingredients, our hibiscus punch quenches your thirst healthfully! 


16oz. Trio Set (3-16 oz. hibiscus punch set OR 1 32 ounce and one 16 ounce-depending on bottling inventory) 

  • Low on Glycemic Index (Diabetic-Friendly) 
  • Health-Promoting 
  • Deliciously Addictive

With no additives and only all-natural preservatives, it's time for you to pump up your pump up your health-wealth with this delectable flava-ful goodness! 

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