Who secures personal chef services?

Personal chefs often fill the need for busy professionals with specific dietary requirements.  Whether one needs prepared, customized meals at home or require a chef to travel for extended family or business trips, Personal chefs relieve you of the sometimes taxing burden of wondering what's going in your dish as well as how many hands touched and prepared it. Another benefit of utilizing a personal chef for home or travel is that you have the opportunity to  work with your chef to prepare food exactly as you like or might need based on health and/or preference. 


Our personal chef service rates vary according to client needs but median rates are: 

Median Rate Local Personal Vegan Chef Services

$575 (food & chef rate included)

Service for 1-2, Once weekly prep: 5 prepared meals 

Median Rate Traveling Vegan Chef

$1,175 (chef rate included) (not included: food costs, travel and accommodations)  

Service for 1-2, two - three days, All meals prepared/served  



A long time culinarian, Dawn is a certified whole-food, plant-based health-wealth coach and vegucator whose focus is on radicalizing wellness with evidence-based facts and loads of plant-based, vegan of flava!